AT&T 'confident' T-Mobile deal to close in Q1 2012

AT&T this morning offered up some earnings tidbits, and there's some good news in there for the iPhone-wielding mobile network. In its best-ever second quarter for smartphone sales, the company moved more than 5.6 million of the devices. AT&T raked in consolidated revenues of $31.5 billion for the quarter, up $680 million over last year. The Former Mrs. Bell also revealed that it is "confident" that, much to the chagrin of Sprint and others, its planned purchase of T-Mobile is set to be completed by the first quarter of 2012. AT&T will be offering up more financial details in an earnings call later today, including, no doubt, the much-rumored plans for magenta carpeting in its global headquarters.

Update: The company didn't talk too much about its interior decorating plans, but it did insist that it is "look[ing] forward to working with the FCC," and while it still has "work to do, we remain confident that we can satisfy the FCC and DOJ." AT&T also happily pointed out support from governors of 26 states. The acquisition, it added, will offer "enormous efficiencies" and "is the surest and fastest way to address the unique network constraints and spectrum shortages affecting AT&T."