Peek calls own internet-only devices 'collector's items,' heads to India with the cloud

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Nokia? Samsung? LG? Those jokers are all 'old world' has-beens. The future -- according to Peek's latest email campaign -- is Indian featurephones. Well, at least MicroMax's latest, the Q80 EZPAD. Peek says its 'Genius Cloud' gifts the Q80 with smartphone-like features via cloud-based software. The firm's site claims that the service will run on any hardware, from not-phone to smartphone, providing push mail, instant messaging, video chat, social networking, software GPS, web browsing, and other smartphone features. Writing on Business Insider, Peekster-in-Cheif Amol Sarva asserts that low-end devices have pushed Nokia out of the asian market, and suggests that with the help of the Genius Cloud, featurephones can do the same to RIM. If that doesn't work out, at least the firm still has a corner on the dedicated tweeting handheld market.
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