City of Heroes details new Paragon Rewards program

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|07.22.11

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City of Heroes details new Paragon Rewards program
Ever since the conversion was announced, City of Heroes players have been looking for new information on the Paragon Rewards program launching with City of Heroes Freedom. The update promises more rewards for players who have been with the game for a while, whether they've remained loyal subscribers or have taken advantage of the free-to-play model. Details have just been released, giving players a look at what can be expected when the new reward system goes live.

When the system launches, existing Veteran Rewards badges will be converted into Paragon Rewards tokens, along with an additional token for each 12 months of subscription time. Further tokens will be earned at a rate of one per month, with an additional token for every year subscribed and for every $15 spent in the Paragon Store. Rewards are unlocked in a tiered structure, with Tier 9 offering the best rewards to veteran VIP players and lower tiers offering account-wide unlocks such as access to Mission Architect. While the details of moving through the tiers haven't been elaborated upon, players should still have quite a bit to look forward to with the rewards unveiled so far.
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