Gerber Steady multi-tool includes tripod, puts Bear Grylls and Ken Rockwell on common ground

Ever been on a six-mile hike and needed a miniature tripod to snap a picture of you and your fellow explorers? Yeah, we've been there too. As luck would have it, Gerber is throwing the much needed, but usually too cumbersome, camera accessory into one of its next multitools. Behold the Steady, a new member of the company's jack of all trades tool family. However, this one, with its pair of legs on one side and a folding tripod screw on the other, will make that all-important group shot in the middle of nowhere much less of a challenge. Of course, the usual 12 tool arsenal is included along with a knife... perhaps for opening all those frustration-included memory cards and dehydrated meal packages that you'll carry along. You'll be able to snatch the pocket tool up sometime next year for $65, moving your Joby one step closer to unemployment.