TUAW Talkcast tonight, 10PM ET/7PM PT/4PM HT: Hot factual edition!

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TUAW Talkcast tonight, 10PM ET/7PM PT/4PM HT: Hot factual edition!

On a warm summer Sunday night, there's really only one option: Get yourself a nice cold beverage and settle in with the TalkCast! This week we're done with some of the speculation at long last, since Lion is finally available, so we'll have hard facts to discuss. On top of new software, we have a pretty impressive list of hardware updates to discuss as well. Did I mention that even before both of these that Apple reported stupendous quarterly earnings?

We have a lot to cover this week, which is why I'm bringing in reinforcements! On top of the usual suspects, I'll have Peter Cohen, Angry Mac Bastard and editor of The Loop joining me. I'll also have Jeff Gamet of The Mac Observer on the show. With guests like this, I can't even imagine the aftershow. Oh, I'll be there. I just can't imagine it.

It's really all about you, the community, so please join me won't you? To participate, you can use the browser-only Talkshoe client, the embedded Facebook app, or download the classic TalkShoe Pro Java client; however, for +5 Interactivity, you should call in. For the web UI, just click the Talkshoe Web button on our profile page at 4 HI/7 PDT/10 pm EDT Sunday. To call in on regular phone or VoIP lines (Viva free weekend minutes!): dial (724) 444-7444 and enter our talkcast ID, 45077 -- during the call, you can request to talk by keying in *8.

If you've got a headset or microphone handy on your Mac, you can connect via the free Blink or X-Lite SIP clients, basic instructions are here. (If you like Blink, the pro version is available in the Mac App Store.) Talk to you tonight!

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