Dragon Nest announces open beta events

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Dragon Nest announces open beta events
Take up your arms, adventurers, because Nexon's Dragon Nest begins open beta today! The cartoonishly adorable, combo-based action MMO has finally opened its doors, and Nexon is staging a series of open beta events to commemorate the occasion.

The first event is the Open Beta Legion, which runs from today, July 26th, to August 9th, and requires players to band together in parties for bonus XP, and which also gives 10 guilds the opportunity to win special prizes. The second event, The Dragon's Hoard, encourages players to log in to the game daily in order to reap a reward of Scales (the in-game item shop currency). The first weekend of the open beta will see the Charge! event, which grants players an additional 300 daily Empowerment Points for the duration of the weekend. These events, and a few more that just can't be crammed into a meager news post, await Dragon Nest players. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and remember this simple mantra: If it moves, kill it.
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