How one independent retailer competes with Apple Stores

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How one independent retailer competes with Apple Stores

Darryl Peck has a 25-year long history of working with Apple; first as a software developer, then as a reseller at Four years ago, the seasoned businessman decided to open his own retail store, PeachMac, and now he competes head-to-head with the Cupertino company.

Even though Apple has five stores throughout Georgia, Peck still manages to draw in customers. Similar to Apple, the secret to his success is ample inventory, attractive store layout and exceptional customer service.

Peck fills his stores chock full of Apple products and over 1500 accessories, as compared to the 300 or so carried at Apple Stores. Each accessory is carefully selected and tested for product compatibility before placing it on the shelves. Inventory inside the store is well-organized and pleasing to customers.

Peck also places a high priority on customer service. He hires top-notch people and offers different programs and workshops not offered by Apple retail stores. Because he runs a small operation, Peck can focus more on his customers and believes the programs he offers are better than Apple's.

This strategy is working out well for Peck. Despite the odds, PeachMac is thriving. The entrepreneur has five PeachMac stores in operation and plans to open three more by the end of the year.

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