Tinkerfest returns to EverQuest II

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|07.29.11

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Tinkerfest returns to EverQuest II
EverQuest II's annual Tinkerfest has begun, and the gnomish festival runs through August 8th. As always Gnomeland Security in the Steamfront Mountains is your headquarters for all things Tinkerfest including exclusive quests, new (and old) rewards, merchants with hard-to-find buyables and new recipes, and a bit of new functionality in terms of quest-related map markings.

If you can pull yourself away from EQII's double XP weekend, it's well worth running a few of the festival quests if you're into gnomish collectibles and decor. In addition to the news blurb on the official EQII website, several fansites have exhaustive guides and picture galleries available to help you make sense of all your Tinkerfest options.
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