Logitech officially drops Revue price to $99 today, clarifies 'more returns than sales' remark

Google TV not worth 300 bones to ya? How's about a cool Benjamin? As promised, Logitech has slashed the price of its Revue set-top box from $299 to $99 on its own site and at retailers like Best Buy, giving prospective customers something awfully tempting to consider alongside the prospect of running Honeycomb on their TV right away. Oh, and the much-reported nugget from its earnings about "returns exceeding sales"? It should probably be noted that wasn't about returns from end users, which the company claims "have averaged at levels comparable to other Logitech products", but from the distributors and retailers it sells most of its hardware to. So, you in, or are you still holding out for the 90 percent off sale that may or may not ever materialize?

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Since you recently wrote about the Logitech Revue, I wanted to let you know that the device will be available for $99, starting on Sunday, July 31.
Also stay tuned for the expected release of Version 2 of Google TV later this summer.

When Google TV version 2 goes live, all new and existing Logitech Revue users will automatically receive the update, built on Android 3.1. Among other benefits, V2 will offer a simplified user experience and access to the Android Market.

Additional Clarification from Logitech
When Logitech's Q1 financial results were reported last week, we stated that returns for Logitech Revue were greater than sales. Some people thought this meant that there were more consumers returning their Logitech Revue products in Q1 than were purchasing the product. This is simply not the case. Remember that Logitech sells mostly to distributors and retailers, not consumers. Since we introduced Logitech Revue in October 2010, consumer returns for the product have averaged at levels comparable to other Logitech products.