Time to party for AIKA's first birthday

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Time to party for AIKA's first birthday
Wish AIKA a happy birthday, because it's turning one year old this month! To celebrate the occasion, T3fun is hosting a plethora of exciting events for AIKA players. For starters, all players will receive double experience for the entire month of August, making it the perfect time to grind out those levels you need.

Also on the calendar is the "WAR is Back" event, in which players "kill hostile characters and get rewarded with whatever is behind the W, A and R medals left behind." For the PvP-inclined, every Wednesday and Saturday the team will host a King of Ka-Hill PvP match, which pits two teams of 24 against one another in a struggle for control. And finally, there's the Run for Glory. On August 19th and 26th, each nation's Lord Marshall will be granted access to a special Invader account containing an extremely powerful Paladin. The Invader must run through an opposing nation with the objective of reaching that nation's Regenshein. It's up to members of that nation to ensure that his job isn't an easy one.

The events are going on all month, so jump in and join the festivities.
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