Daily iPhone App: Bandito scans your music library to deliver personalized music news

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Daily iPhone App: Bandito scans your music library to deliver personalized music news

Bandito is an iPhone-based aggregator for music news that has a twist. Instead of a mass-produced feed, the app scans your iTunes library and delivers you personalized news based on the artists you listen to most.

On first launch, the app asks for permission to scan your iTunes library. Once you agree, the scan takes less than a minute and you're presented with a list of blog posts and reviews about your favorite bands. If you want to stay current with music happenings, there's also a "Hotlist" containing news about the top bands and artists.

The app includes a viewer so you can read the news right inside the app which is a nice touch. There's also an option to open the article in mobile Safari and email the link if you want to share the info with friends. There's no social network integration so sharing via email is the best you're going to get.

Bandito does exactly what it says, but the results you get may vary. If you have a library of older songs, the news you receive could be several years old. More contemporary listeners will enjoy the benefit of receiving the information that's only a few days or a few weeks old.

The app is a joint project between the Public Radio Exchange and The Echo Nest, a music intelligence company whose music engine powers apps from MTV, the BBC and more. Bandito is available for free from the App Store. A $1.99 in-app upgrade will give you unlimited news, reviews and blog posts.

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