SWTOR's meet the Medic -- er, Consular

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SWTOR's meet the Medic -- er, Consular
Some fans have wondered if the rumors about a the Jedi Consular video were just vapor. Thankfully, the community team at BioWare has proven that wrong. This afternoon, we were introduced to the Jedi Consular class for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This keeper of Force tradition is split up into two advanced classes: The Sage and the Shadow. As their names imply, the Sage is a healer and ranged Force wielder, and the Shadow is a stealth and melee class.

As we have seen in past screenshots, the Trandoshan hunter Qyzen Fess will join the Consular on his travels across the galaxy. This reptilian humanoid has hunted all the galaxy's most deadly beasts from the swamps of Belkadan to the Tatooine deserts, according to his bio on the official website.

Witness all the wonder of this class in the screenshots below, and be sure to catch the full Consular trailer after the break!

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