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Massively Exclusive: Maplestory Age of Triumph trailer

MJ Guthrie
MJ Guthrie|August 10, 2011 12:00 PM
Last week, Nexon announced the conclusion of the Chaos series in their free-to-play fantasy side-scroller MapleStory -- Age of Triumph. Today, the studio offers Massively an exclusive video trailer for a peek at the action that is scheduled to release on August 17th.

The video highlights the three main features coming up in this patch: The new PvP game Capture the Flag; footage of the new Silent Crusade story line, a full-length quest for players level 37-110; and even the new Crusader Codex, a book highlighting the various monsters that roam Maple World which players can add to after defeating new monsters.

Click past the cut for a look at these upcoming features in Age of Triumph.