Organic Motion's OpenStage motion capture system grabs 200FPS, no backdrop required (video)

At just under $40,000 for an eight camera setup, we're hardly in hobbyist territory here, but Organic Motion's new OpenStage 2.0 motion capture system could certainly make do in the average basement. Unlike a few competing solutions shown here at SIGGRAPH, this one actually has no backdrop mandate, and better still, doesn't require you to latch a single sensor onto your subject. The magic lies within the cameras hung above -- kits are sold that contain between eight and 24 cameras, and even the latter can be handled with a single workstation. Multi-person tracking ain't no thang, and while you aren't capturing HD footage here, the high-speed VGA capability enables up to 200 frames per second to be logged. Not surprisingly, the company's aiming this squarely at the animation and medical realms, and should start shipping bundles as early as next month. Looking to take down Pixar? You'll need a lot more than 40 large, but perhaps the video after the break will give you a bit of inspiration.

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Organic Motion Launches New Markerless Motion Capture System with Major New Capabilities

OpenStage® Delivers Multiple Actor Tracking, Increased Accuracy, No Backdrop, and More in-Demand Capabilities

VANCOUVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Organic Motion, Inc. today announced the release of its new markerless motion capture system – the first major upgrade to its award-winning computer vision platform. Branded OpenStage, the new feature-rich system is designed to meet the demanding and varied requirements of commercial animators, educators, and public exhibitors. OpenStage is being demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver at Booth 579.

Based on proprietary computer vision software and high speed color cameras, OpenStage provides many important capabilities, including multiple actor tracking, basic prop tracking, no backdrop, larger scanning space, increased accuracy, portability, and other features. OpenStage fulfills the key requirements for preproduction, production, live entertainment, and educational needs.

"We are excited to unleash the power of our new computer vision software – taking away the backdrop, tracking multiple actors using props in larger spaces, all of course with no markers at all. OpenStage is our answer to the thousands of industry people who have requested more from our commercial systems," says Andrew Tschesnok, Organic Motion, CEO.

The Company expects OpenStage to gain traction with three audiences that most frequently need convenient, accurate, and flexible methods to capture human motion for 3D animation and related works:

Animation – A comprehensive motion capture solution, OpenStage is specifically designed for flexible, convenient, and accurate content creation and animation of multiple actors. OpenStage reduces the time and cost required to create 3D animations, and provides speed and flexibility for a range of previz projects.

Education – The ability to track multiple students simultaneously, combined with portability for use in different rooms around campus, makes OpenStage ideal for hands-on teaching and learning. Many schools have integrated Organic Motion's system into their gaming, animation, virtual reality, computer science, and life science classes.

Public Interactive Exhibits – The instant tracking of attendees in their regular clothes makes innovative exhibits possible for the science center and public exhibition market. Interactive agencies and their clients requested no backdrop and more flexible sizing to best enable OpenStage to serve hundreds of visitors daily.