Samsung i927 clears the FCC hurdle, AT&T-bound at last?

Brad Molen
B. Molen|08.11.11

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Samsung i927 clears the FCC hurdle, AT&T-bound at last?
Yeah, the Samsung i927 definitely exists -- and the FCC's flaunting the docs to prove it. That doesn't mean we're allowed to know all its deep, dark secrets yet; sadly, the Galaxy S II-esque device doesn't bare it all for us to see. Granted, we've already seen pics of the QWERTY landscape slider, and it seems like that it'll make its way onto AT&T's smartphone lineup, so we already know more about the device than most FCC filings could ever reveal. But is it the mystical Samsung Attain we've postulated about for months? It utilizes the usual 850 / 1900 bands for WCDMA and HSPA (though it leaves no mention of any global frequencies that may lie in the phone), and the dimensions show a striking resemblance to those on the unlocked GSII -- it's roughly one mm off in both directions -- so we can't let go of the possibility yet. Whatever it is, this thing can't come soon enough.
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