Millennial: Android beats iOS in ad impressions, Apple top manufacturer

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Millennial: Android beats iOS in ad impressions, Apple top manufacturer

Millennial Media is a mobile ad network that has tracked mobile ad impressions for the last few years. The company released its Q2 2010 statistics which is its 50th overall report. To commemorate this achievement, Millennial compared quarterly statistics with a look back at the mobile industry since 2009.

Similar to other metrics, Millennial's ad impressions in June 2011 show that Android is the top platform with 54% of total ad impressions. iOS is in second place with 26% of ad impressions and RIM slides into third place with 15%. This is a reversal from March 2010 when iOS was leader with 70% of ad impressions and Android had a mere 6%. Regardless of whether you like Android or not, that is a huge swing in Android's favor in little over a year.

On a manufacturer basis, Apple is the leader with 30% of ad impressions. Samsung is in second place with a 14.9% share, and RIM is in third with 11.7%. These numbers are much different from 2009 when Samsung held a commanding lead with 21.6% of ads. LG was second with 12.5% and Apple was third with 11.3%.

For individual devices, the iPhone was the leading device in 2009 with 5.8% of ad impressions and it retains its title in 2011 with 16.1%. Surprisingly, the BlackBerry Curve is #2 in 2011 (it was #3 in 2009). The remaining 2011 handsets are dominated by Android with the Motorola DROID (2.95%) and the Nexus S (2.71%) as the reigning Android champs.

Another little snippet shows that the iPod touch and the iPad are the top two connected devices on the mobile ad network. The Galaxy Tab is #3. Touchscreen devices are also growing in popularity, rising from 33% of all devices on the ad network in 2009 to 60% in 2011.

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