Photovine grows out of private beta, begins sprouting on iPhones everywhere

Updated ·1 min read

It popped up in private beta earlier this summer, but Slide's Photovine is now open to the public, available as a free download on Apple's iOS App Store. Surprisingly there's no Android app yet -- a curious move considering Google (Slide's parent company) isn't known to exclude its own mobile platform with new product rollouts. Huff Post went hands-on with the app, summing it up as "Instagram meets Piictu," also noting the bizarre exclusion of an option to add your Gmail contacts -- though you can import your friends from Twitter and Facebook. It's probably safe to say that an Android app will be coming soon -- or perhaps some other indication that Google and Slide do in fact share the same roof -- but for now, iPhone owners can slide on down to the source link to get their photo sharing fix.