Google+ Mac "app" now available (Updated)

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Google+ Mac "app" now available (Updated)

If you're one of the early adopters of Google+ and have been wishing for a native Mac app that you could use to check out your circles and swim the stream, you're in luck. A rudimentary Google+ app is now available for Mac, which bodes well for the future of standalone apps for the social media tool.

The app appears to be a pared-down version of Google's Chrome Browser, since the menu bar shows "Chrome" as the name of the running app instead of "Google+." However, the app is much smaller -- about 16.5 MB in size compared to 239 MB for the full-fledged version of Chrome.

Launching the app takes you directly into the same web version of Google+ that you're used to. Clicking any links will open a new browser window, so your Google+ session remains foremost on your screen and unsullied by tabs.

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It's not really a native app, but according to the developer it's something to tide over Mac users until something faster and more Mac-like can be prepared. For the time being, the Google+ app should work fine for those who want to keep their social networking separate from their other browsing.

The app is hosted on Cloud App and is a quick download.

Update: We'd like to warn readers that this appears to be an unofficial app that is not sanctioned in any way, shape or form by Google. If you've already downloaded the app, you may wish to log into Google+ through your normal browser and change your password just in case this is a "social engineering" attack disguised as a harmless way to access your Google+ account.

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