Daily iPhone App: Gesundheit

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|08.24.11

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Daily iPhone App: Gesundheit

Gesundheit is a strange but beautiful little game, recently released to the App Store by Konami. It's sort of a puzzle game, though there are action elements as well. You play a little pig whose talent is that he can sneeze boogers out at a distance, which may not sound like much, but certainly comes in handy when his little pig town is invaded by rampaging monsters who just happen to like the taste of his nose's output.

It sounds gross, and it kind of is, but the game's winning art style and great soundtrack make it all much more charming than revolting. Each stage has the little pig navigating the town's roads and buildings to try and not only grab some starfruit, but also catch all of the monsters in traps by sneezing in the right direction.

It's a lot of goofy fun, and especially at the launch price of just US 99 cents, it's easy to recommend this one. Full Game Center integration and a nice stream of challenges as you play keep the replayability on this one high, and that art style and soundtrack are just really, really enjoyable. Definitely give it a look.

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