New Darkfall video shows off bone armor

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|08.24.11

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New Darkfall video shows off bone armor
Darkfall - bonescale armor
Aventurine missed its usual Friday update last week, and we can only hope it's because the devs were too busy working on Darkfall 2.0 to bother with blogging. The latest Darkfall media sneak peek is out today instead, and it features a brief look at more of the new armor fans are looking forward to in a future patch.

The armor is called bonescale, and before the clip is over, viewers will also get a glimpse of a new nasty called the necroguardian. Long-time Darkfall players may recognize the creature as an offshoot of the old obsidian golem, albeit with a bit more attitude this time around. As far as the armor goes, the blog entry also says that it will be a high-end medium set that will require special components to craft.

So when can we expect to see the bonescale, the necroguardian, and the rest of Darkfall 2.0? That's still up in the air, as Aventurine makes no mention of a release date for its massive game overhaul.

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