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Massively Exclusive: Lucent Heart unleashes guild vs. guild

Justin Olivetti
Justin Olivetti|August 25, 2011 2:00 PM
Lucent Heart GvG
With Lucent Heart's Scaena expansion fast on the way, the developers have yet to run out of new and exciting features to share with the game's players. This week, it's all about pitting guild against guild in mortal conflict. Who will rise? Who will fall? And most importantly of all, who will be pwned and who will be leet?

It seems as though Gamania is angling this expansion toward as wide an array of player types as possible, with not only GvG combat satiating the PvP crowd, but Scaena's custom dancing tools pleasing the fluff nuts and new bosses and zones appealing to the PvE questers.

Today we have several exclusive pictures showing off Lucent Heart's guild vs. guild combat, as well as an in-depth look into this system from the developers after the jump!

Kill them all and let GMs sort them out!

Another exciting addition to Lucent Heart's Scaena 5.0 expansion coming next week is Guild vs Guild (GvG) combat. The days of attending weddings or going to disorderly zones as the only option to get your PvP kicks are over, as guild leaders can now sign up their level four guild to the new NPC Guild Fight Judge in any city to register for battle.

The new system will match guilds to one another and schedule battle rounds to be carried out on designated days and times over the course of three days.

Members of a guild that has been selected to participate in a match will receive a prompt before a match starts that will take them into it. The system does all the work for you; all you have to do is make sure you're online when it starts!

Included with the new GvG system is a new zone called Late Night Thereall. This is a near-perfect replica of the original City of Peace with a few exceptions: only you and the opposing enemy team will be there, the streets are free of vendors, players, NPCs, and other distractions. Both teams will start the match off in their designated starting areas. Once the go ahead is given and the match starts, they will be able to teleport into the fray.

Teams on offense will have to keep a simple goal in mind: Destroy all of the opposing team's flags. How they wish to go about this is entirely up to them though because the layout of Thereall and the location of flags encourage guilds to come up with their own unique strategies to obtain victory.

Want to play a little game of redirect? Send a third of your forces to attack the first banner while the other two thirds start chipping away at the third once defense is occupied in the wrong location.

Are you in the mood to just blitz the fifth flag? Well, it is worth the most points but it also has a ton of heath. It is your match and your call. The only thing standing in your way is defense.

If it's the goal of the guild on offense to destroy flags, then it is the responsibility of the team on defense to stop that from happening. Guilds playing defense will have to make adjustments to their strategies on the fly and change tactics whenever the situation calls for if they hope to survive a full 35-minute round. GvG battles encourages a brand new level of coordination and communication that will change a guild from a band of rag-tag adventures to an efficient killing machine.

The fun type of scoring

And what is PvP if participating players were not encouraged to kill each other? Killing players on the opposing team isn't just a fun way to pass the time when you're on defense, it also counts toward your overall score and awards Battle Points. PvP combat, at its core, can be chaotic because of the "people factor." Fortunately, Scaena introduces something to help make sense of that chaos.

An entirely new interface has been added into the game that can be opened during a PvP match that will keep a record of your score, how many times you or your enemies has been killed, and the status of your current objectives. Both teams can view the amount of health left on each of their flags and use this display to better coordinate their attacks/defense to decide which flags are in need of protecting and offense to determine where to allocate additional reinforcements. This will also help them see how close they are to actually winning the round or match.

Both teams will be given an opportunity to play offense and defense. If your guild happens to excel at offense but not defense, you may find yourself in a bit of trouble once the first round of your match ends and you're defending. So practice, practice, practice! The victor of your match is determined by your overall accumulated score, which is calculated from both rounds. The better you do, the more experience your guild earns and the more Battle Points you receive!

While the thrill of a coordinated guild battle might be more than enough motivation to sign up for a GvG battle, more importantly are Battle Points awarded for each kill you receive and each match you win. These points can be used toward the purchase of different items including Skills and rare patterns. Depending on your Guild's Battle Level and the amount of experience you've earned, you'll gain access to different tiers of stat increasing abilities that can be activated to give you bonuses. You can also use your points to purchase armor with different effects that can be useful in both PvP and PvE situations and crafting recipes for some of the best armor Scaena has to offer.

If you haven't joined a guild yet, now is the time to do it, because with Lucent Heart Scaena 5.0 expansion right around the corner there has never been a better time!