Swery considering new game, more Deadly Premonition projects

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Swery considering new game, more Deadly Premonition projects
Deadly Premonition creator Hidetaka Suehiro, known as "Swery," is full of crazy ideas -- as anyone who played his weird, sprawling, Twin Peaks-inspired game will tell you. Some of the ideas currently occupying Swery's mind involve new games, and extensions of Deadly Premonition.

"What I can say," the Access Games producer told Metro, "is that I'm making a storyline for a completely new game." As for Deadly Premonition, he's got "different types" of projects in mind. "Trying to think of ways to create a sequel, that's definitely on the table, trying to create a prequel is also definitely on the table; and also a project to have more people play Deadly Premonition."

An easy guess as to the identity of that last project: bringing the PS3 version of the game, currently available in Japan, to the West. All of these projects, as Swery has noted before, will require money before he can take them on -- which might not be a problem anymore. Swery said that "A few publishers have contacted our company, after the success of Deadly Premonition, and we are now creating concepts for them - which is why there's so many things on the table right now. "
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