Black Prophecy preps for Episode 2: Species War

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Black Prophecy preps for Episode 2: Species War
Black Prophecy Episode 2: Species War
Black Prophecy's next patch is upon us: Episode 2: Species War launched on the game's public test server this morning. This patch opens up the Warzone section of the starmap. Warzones are contested areas, and as each faction conquers a zone, bonuses are granted to members of that faction. If a faction controls adjacent warzones, then pilots are awarded experience bonuses as well. Tyi and Genide pilots, all-out PvP is heading your way. Get ready!

The rules for conquering a warzone are simple. Each of these new zones consists of three outposts, a support sector, and a command center. Holding all three outposts simultaneously opens the pathway to the command center. Command centers have nine capture points with one active point at a time. If attackers control all nine points before 20 minutes, then the zone is theirs. However, if the defenders successfully prevent that from happening, they are rewarded for each capture point defended. Players of both factions gain points based on kills within the warzone sector.

Check the the new official screenshots in the gallery below.
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