Gates of Andaron update to feature mentoring, three faction PvP

Gates of Andaron - warrior

What's been going on with Gates of Andaron lately? Quite a lot, actually. A new press release from Gameforge has the details, and they include a third warring faction, a new mentoring system, and browser-based gameplay.

The new Rise of Gor update will debut in October, and the patch introduces the Gor faction to challenge the existing Valorian and Derion forces. Starting at level 80, Gor players may enter "large PvP battles, tipping the balance of power for or against the underdogs in a given battle."

The update isn't all endgame, though, as the newbie town of Tebekut is being recreated and will include "the most impressive graphics yet." The mentoring system will also ease new players into the game (and mentors even receive a payout when their charges reach level 90). Gates of Andaron is free-to-play, and you'll want to head to the official site to learn more and grab the client.