Apple hiring new product security managers

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Apple hiring new product security managers

Last week, a CNET report kicked off the wild tale of a lost iPhone 5. This baffling story tracked the phone from a bar to an apartment in San Francisco. It even included a controversial search conducted by Apple security employees with the San Francisco police department. Though this is an entertaining tale for the technophile, there may be more going on behind the scenes at Apple.

On Thursday, when these reports of the lost iPhone 5 were circulating, Apple posted two job listings for product security managers. According to the job listings spotted by PC Magazine, the new hires "will be responsible for overseeing the protection of, and managing risks to, Apple's unreleased products and related intellectual property."

From the description, it appears that Apple wants to make sure they don't lose track of the iPhone 6 like they did with the iPhone 4 and (supposedly) the iPhone 5.

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