Check out the newest MMOs from GamesCampus with a giveaway from Massively!

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Check out the newest MMOs from GamesCampus with a giveaway from Massively!
Asda 2
The folks at GamesCampus have been pretty busy this summer turning out some new titles and making improvements here and there. They've got two titles in particular that they'd like players to check out, and they have shared some starter packages for each one with Massively.

This giveaway works a bit differently than the ones you usually see on Massively. Each gift package has a single redemption code, which can be applied 500 times before it expires. To apply each code, install the game, log into your GamesCampus account, and apply the code under "coupon" on the righthand navigation bar.

Asda 2 is the anime-style sequel to Asda Story, and each starter package includes an exclusive Summer Festival avatar set, a seven-day Premium Potion, a seven-day Dragon Doll vehicle, 10 teleport scrolls, and 10 HP recovery scrolls. The gift pack code is A534A4904175411D.

Heroes in the Sky is a World War II-themed MMOTPS, and the starter pack includes a variety of seven-day items. You'll receive larger maximum secondary weapon ammo, durability protection to prevent your gear from breaking down, improved weapon reload time, coolant to reduce the rate at which your engine overheats, and reduced skill cooldown times. The gift pack code is CA3DCB694FBF4629.

Each code is limited to one per account, so grab yours, pick up your starter pack, and have fun!
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