LG, Sharp and Philips to build developer's kit, create Smart TV app standard

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LG, Sharp and Philips to build developer's kit, create Smart TV app standard
A triumvirate of television titans -- LG, Sharp and Philips -- are joining forces to create a development kit, defining a common standard for their Smart TV apps. The power play addresses the problem of fragmentation, since developers will only need to make one version of an app for it to work across all three of the 'tubes operating systems. Based on open standards like HTML5, CE-HTML and HbbTV, developers should get their hands on a beta version by early October, with the finalized version due by the end of the year. The better question now is whether the Romanesque trio can drum up enough developer support to beat out competitors in an app-tastic coup d'etat, or if the likes of Vizio, Sony and Samsung will eventually join in. Needless to say, we'll be digging for more at CEDIA later this month.
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Write Once, Run Everywhere: TV Manufacturers Cooperate to

Maximize Effectiveness of Smart TV Offerings

BERLIN, Sep.01, 2011 –- LG, Philips and Sharp have agreed to work together to define common technical requirements for their Smart TVs, based upon open standards such as HTML5, CE-HTML and HbbTV. The group's first step will be to introduce the first beta version of a common Software Development Kit (SDK), which highlights the need to define the technical requirements that would allow content developers to create a single application that can run on Smart TVs from LG, Philips and Sharp Aquos Net+.

The initiative aims to simplify the way applications are developed and offered, increasing productivity of the application ecosystem for the Smart TV industry. Currently, application developers must spend much time and effort porting and testing their applications on different platforms. By simplifying this step, developers will be able to spend more time actually creating applications such as movies-on-demand, music services,

games and social networking services. And developers will be able to maximize their reach across Smart TV's on different TV platforms, giving more consumers access to a wider variety of content.

"This cooperation is nothing less than a watershed in the brief history of Smart TVs," said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. "By working in partnership with two innovators in TVs, we've taken a major step towards creating an app market every bit as inventive and dynamic as the one that exists for smartphones."

LG, Philips and Sharp invite other Smart TV makers and application developers participate in the initiative and provide ideas for simplifying the development process while improving the user experience.

The beta version of the common SDK will be released in early October.
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