DDO's Update 11 arises with the artful Artificer

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|09.12.11

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DDO's Update 11 arises with the artful Artificer
DDO floating disembodied heads
Today marks the latest evolution of Dungeons and Dragons Online, as Update 11: Secrets of the Artificers went live on the servers and the steampunk community collectively lost its composure.

Update 11 adds a completely new high-level quest hub called House Cannith, where players can adventure out into a new wilderness area, dive into a trio of dungeons, tackle a pair of raids, and finish off the day with a trip to House Cannith's famed crafting hall.

The cornerstone of this massive patch is the addition of the Artificer class, a steampunk-infused hybrid ranged damage-dealer with a snazzy look that would fit in fine at any geek convention in the world. To celebrate the advent of the Artificer, Turbine's Kyle Horner and Steve Muray sat down to compose a back-and-forth dev diary about the development and dark secrets concerning the class. The duo thinks that it will appeal to trigger-happy players who love their "pew pew."

VIP players (subscribers) can start enjoying the new content today, but the rest of the playerbase is going to have to wait until the 15th to purchase the class and quest content from the DDO store.

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