Plastic Logic 100 unveiled, set to bring e-textbooks to Russian schools

Plastic Logic 100

Well, it's certainly not much in the looks department, but Plastic Logic finally has a product out the door that will at least get some use. The Plastic Logic 100 is the shatterproof descendant of the canceled Que, which will be arriving in Russian classrooms later this month. Underneath is soft-touch plastic exterior is 4GB of storage and an 800MHz processor pushing Windows CE. There's no wireless connectivity to speak of (loading texts on it is accomplished via microUSB), but it does sport a 10.7-inch, 1280 x 960 capacitive screen with a touch-based UI. There's even a software keyboard for making notes and highlighting passages. But, at 12,000 Russian Rubles (just shy of $400) we can't help but think the Kremlin might as well have picked up a bunch of cheaper Kindle DXs. Check out the PR after the break.

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Plastic Logic Introduces the Plastic Logic 100, Brings Innovation to the Future of Education in Russia
Large, Thin, Lightweight Electronic Reading Device based on PlasticPaper™ Technology | 12 September 2011

Moscow, Russia – September 12, 2011 – Plastic Logic is announcing today the availability of the Plastic Logic 100 for Education, an electronic textbook designed with the needs of students and educators in mind. The device provides a more effective way for students to carry, access and review all their textbooks.

Plastic Logic CEO Indro Mukerjee officially debuted the electronic textbook at an event held at the Moscow Planetarium during a visit by British Trade Minister Lord Green. The event, organized by RUSNANO and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), highlighted Plastic Logic as an example of the joint technology cooperation between the UK and Russia.

The Plastic Logic 100, featuring an exceptional textbook-like and safe reading experience, allows for a backpack worth of textbooks to be ready and available at a student's fingertips at anytime in an extremely lightweight package. For educators, the Plastic Logic 100 provides a simple, yet powerful tool capable of securely delivering an entire year's worth of textbooks in one place without the risk of students not having what they need with them.

The Plastic Logic 100 has more advantages than both books and the LCD displays found in most eReader and tablet devices. Based on Plastic Logic's groundbreaking work in organic electronics and nanotechnology, the device is the first in the world to feature PlasticPaper™ technology. Because the base is not glass, the Plastic Logic 100 display is large, thin, lightweight and is uniquely shatterproof and rugged – which is especially important given constant use by students.

Key Facts About the Plastic Logic 100 Electronic Textbook

Large 10.7" shatterproof display
Ultra-light (475 grams) and ultra-thin (7.65mm) device
Reads and looks like paper
Simple to use with fingertip touch control
Provides long battery life and content protection
Eliminates the need for heavy paper textbooks

Display Technology that is Safe for Children
The light, thin, large-format reader features a display that appears like hard-copy textbooks and comes with a simple user interface that makes for an ideal studying experience. Unlike traditional computer displays, based on backlit glass displays, the Plastic Logic 100 screen is glare free and can be read even in direct sunlight. Just like a regular schoolbook, the Plastic Logic 100 can be read for long periods of time without eye strain.

Design that is Rugged on the Outside and Easy to Use on the Inside.
The Plastic Logic 100 features a display that is shatterproof - unlike ordinary displays, which makes it ideal for heavy-duty daily use by students. The device is as easy to use as a book. Everything is controlled by a finger touch display. Tap on a textbook: It automatically opens to the page where you left off. Swipe your finger from right to left to turn the page.

The Plastic Logic 100 also has unique features designed to help students learn: For example, students can quickly underline and annotate a text – to help them easily recall important information. Have a question for the teacher or studying for a test: Use the virtual keyboard to make a note on a page. "Bookmark" a page for easy reference, or use the powerful search tool to find something in their textbooks.

Long Battery Life and Content Protection
The Plastic Logic 100 has exceptional battery life. Students will only need to recharge the device about once a week. Not only is the device easy for students to use, it is also very secure. Students cannot change, damage or delete their textbooks.

Now Available through Electronic Textbook Program
Plastic Logic is now prepared to take orders for its Plastic Logic 100 devices and to make units available to schools beginning later this month. Plastic Logic has been selected as one of the vendor candidates by the Federal Institute of Development of Education (FIRO) for participation in the electronic textbook program, which is now being prepared to roll out in selected Russian school regions.

Plastic Logic today presented 50 devices to educators who previously participated in the first teacher training at Kaliningrad Center of Informatization Institute of Education late last month, to allow them to experience the device firsthand. Plastic Logic also previewed its device at an exhibit at the Teachers Conference in Kaliningrad in August alongside other vendor participants in the program.

"The future of education is here today. We are proud to be part of the electronic textbook program and have received positive feedback from many school regions," said Plastic Logic CEO Indro Mukerjee. "We look forward to working with Russian educators and selected schools regions in this innovative education program."

For the education program, the Plastic Logic 100 electronic textbook will come equipped with more than 40 books covering the subject matter taught in grades 6 and 7, as agreed upon with education regions to meet their learning processes.

Product Pricing:
The Plastic Logic 100 for Education is priced at 12,000 Russian Rubles.

For more information about the Plastic Logic 100 electronic textbook, go to

Based on its revolutionary and proprietary organic electronics technology, Plastic Logic products and devices help individuals and businesses use information more effectively. The company's first products utilize its groundbreaking flexible PlasticPaper displays. Founded by researchers from Cambridge University's Cavendish Laboratory, Plastic Logic has grown to establish research and development in Cambridge, United Kingdom; product development in Silicon Valley, California; manufacturing in Dresden, Germany; and has recently started the development of a second high-volume manufacturing facility in Zelenograd, Russia. The company is backed by leading venture sources in the U.S., Europe and Asia, including Oak Investment Partners, Amadeus Capital Partners, and RUSNANO. For more information on Plastic Logic, please go to

Plastic Logic and PlasticPaper are trademarks of Plastic Logic Limited.

Plastic Logic 100 Specifications
Display Technology Plastic Logic PlasticPaper™
Display finish Shatterproof polymer, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, hard coat
Display size 10.7" (27cm) diagonal
Display Resolution 1280 x 960 at 150ppi
Form Factor Tablet style
Color and Finish Front: Charcoal Grey with matte finish
Back: Black with soft touch finish for easy grip
External dimensions 216 x 280 x 7.65mm
Weight 475g
Interface Full screen capacitive touch
CPU 800Mhz
Storage 4GB internal
Battery Life Over a week of average student reading
Connectivity Micro-USB
Operating System WinCE
Applications (on device) Home and Content Organizer, Reading and Annotating, Search, Cross document navigation
Compliance GOST-R, CE, RoHS, FCC, UL