Capcom puts apps on sale, releases new characters for Street Fighter IV

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.15.11

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Capcom puts apps on sale, releases new characters for Street Fighter IV

Capcom has introduced two new characters to the iOS version of Street Fighter IV (subtitled Volt), so fighters now can jump into the ring with Yun and Fei Long, making the character total on the game an impressive 22. The company has also dropped the price. It's usually $6.99, but until next week, it'll be available for $2.99, so grab it if you haven't yet.

The company also has released a new iOS title called Street Fighter Collection, which includes three editions of Street Fighter II: the original, champion and the hyper-fighting edition. You may have already bought these through Capcom Arcade, but this is a standalone version outside of Capcom's big meta-app.

And finally, the standalone version of Final Fight (also included in Capcom Arcade) is on sale for 99 cents. There's no real reason for that one, apparently Capcom just wanted to offer up one of its games for a buck. We'll take it!

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