CCP working on EVE ship spinning patch

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|09.19.11

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CCP working on EVE ship spinning patch
EVE Online - Hulk ship spinning
Incarna haters rejoice! OK, maybe rejoice is too strong a word, but surely the return of ship spinning is worth a smile or two, amirite?

Today's second piece of EVE Online news comes courtesy of Torfi Frans Olafsson's latest blog post. In it, he mentions how CCP is rethinking its captain's quarters design and working toward reimplementing the ability for bored pod pilots to rotate their cameras around their active ship while docked. The ability disappeared with the introduction of full-body avatars in last summer's Incarna expansion, and Olafsson says that soon "you will simply be able to board and unboard your ship, toggling between captain's quarters and ship spinning mode."

Incarna's hefty graphical requirements have also inconvenienced players logging in via "craptop" portable computers that lack gaming-quality hardware, and the post says that fixes for this are on the way as well. Finally, there are a few blurbs about improvements to captain's quarters shaders and new turret graphics. Read all about it at the official EVE website.
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