The Engadget Show is live tomorrow, with Jonathan Coulton, Maker Faire, Keepon, and more!

Brian Heater
B. Heater|09.19.11

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Brian Heater
September 19th, 2011
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The Engadget Show is live tomorrow, with Jonathan Coulton, Maker Faire, Keepon, and more!
Boy, have we got an action-packed show for you tomorrow! Some might say it's a little too action-packed, but not us, man. And yep, we're doing it live again, because that's just how we roll. We're shooting tomorrow at 6PM ET, and if you're not lucky / local enough to join in on the fun in person in NYC, you can follow from home on this here site.

We'll be joined by musician / internet sensation Jonathan Coulton, who will be discussing his viral rise to the top of the guitar-playing YouTube masses and treating us to a familiar song or two.

We'll also be traveling to Maker Faire in NYC to take a look at robots, racing turtle shells, fire breathing iron dragons, and a lot of 3D printers. And Make:Live co-hosts Matt Richardson and Becky Stern will be joining us live in the studio to discuss some of their favorite DIY projects.

Then we'll be paid a visit by the creators of the Keepon, to discuss the origins of their adorable little dancing 'bot. Tim will take a trip through the mean streets of New York City on the Grace One electric bike and Brian will pop by Frog's Manhattan location to take a look at the company's latest industry-defining designs.

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