Apple devices dominate airport Wi-Fi

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Apple devices dominate airport Wi-Fi

Anyone who has spent time around an airport recently has probably noticed that Apple devices -- particularly the iPhone and iPad -- seem to be everywhere. Ina Fried at the Wall Street Journal reports that Wi-Fi hotspot provider Boingo has the stats to prove that Apple devices are now dominating mobile device Wi-Fi connections at airports.

The figures from June, 2011 show that the iPhone makes up 42.1 percent of the mobile device connections to Boingo's airport hotspots, while the iPad is second at 23.5 percent. Don't count out the iPod touch -- it's the third most popular device at 17.5 percent. For mobile devices, that means that Apple products make up a whopping 83.1 percent of all of the connections to Boingo's hotspots. Android? It's taking a very small back seat to iOS at 11.5 percent.

Fried notes that the figures reflect a trend that inflight Wi-Fi provider Gogo has also noticed. In a recent report, Gogo said that the iPad (a device that didn't even exist two years ago) now accounts for one-third of all inflight Wi-Fi connections, with Macs near 20 percent and Windows PCs leading at about 41 percent.

Boingo states that mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad have come to dominate the connections at airports, accounting for 60 percent of total traffic with the other 40 percent coming from traditional laptops.

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