LG Optimus Hub (aka Univa / Optimus Two) earns its stripes at the FCC

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|09.22.11

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LG Optimus Hub (aka Univa / Optimus Two) earns its stripes at the FCC
Okay, we'll totally admit that we've got something of a phone crush on LG's successor to the Optimus One lineup. Sure, it hasn't debuted in the States, and its specs already look a bit tired, but there's tons of goodwill attached to this family of devices. Should LG properly execute, the handset promises to be an iterative improvement for all smartphone buyers that need to save some coin. Now this sexy creation is making its way though the FCC, and while it's difficult to tell whether this is an international model or is bound for our domestic shores, it's easy to realize that we're one step closer to its much anticipated release. After a bit of digging, we can tell you the phone supports the 1900 and 850MHz bands, which is common to networks such as AT&T, Bell, Telus and Rogers. With all the names being tossed around, it'll be interesting to see how the individual carriers choose to brand these devices, but it seems that we won't have to wait much longer for those details.
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