Czech electric scooter company covers 706 miles in 24-hours, claims world record

Akumoto team

A "racing" team for the Czech electric scooter company Akumoto, with the assistance of the energy conglomerate ČEZ , is claiming the world record for longest distance traveled by such a vehicle in 24-hours -- 706.1 miles. Over the course of the 1,136.3 kilometer trip, the slightly modified scooter used a grand total of 40.8 kWh of electricity, which costs a measly 190 Czech Korunas (about $10.35). Akumoto already has a network of charging stations across the Eastern European country, but there was no stopping to juice up. Instead pre-charged batteries were swapped in when the "tank" was empty. We just hope that there were several drivers taking turns at the handlebars -- spending a full rotation of the Earth with your rear planted on a souped-up Vespa doesn't sound particularly comfortable.