HTC Runnymede spotted in the wild (updated with backup video)

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HTC Runnymede spotted in the wild (updated with backup video)
From leak-town to the wild, HTC's Runnymede's getting a whole lot of pre-release love. This Beats Audio-branded handset's just received the quick and dirty hands-on treatment (or so it appears) on YouTube. If you're looking for details on where the phone came from or what's going on here, you've come to the wrong place, but judging from the Vodafone branding on the home screen, we're fairly certain that this is our first real-life spotting of the 4.7-inch Android phone. A rather off-center video awaits you after the break.

[Thanks, Thomas]

Update: Unsurprisingly, the original video got pulled, but we've slapped on a backup clip after the break.

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