Survey: 41% of smartphone users set to buy iPhone 5

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.28.11

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Survey: 41% of smartphone users set to buy iPhone 5

Ad network InMobi has been asking its customers what they think of the rumored upcoming iPhone 5 (purportedly to be announced at the event in Cupertino next week), and as you might imagine, the response is overwhelmingly positive: 41% of current mobile customers in North America say that yes, they're planning to buy an iPhone 5. That's even before the phone's features or specs are officially announced, and again, that's all mobile users in the US, Mexico and Canada. 50% of those planning to buy the phone say they'll do it in the first six months. Now, as any sales exec will tell you, intent doesn't actually equal action, so there's no guarantee that these people will actually buy the phone. But demand, it's safe to say, is high.

Those numbers drop off a bit if you start talking about a possible "iPhone 4GS", however. Fewer than 15% of customers say they'll go after a revised version of the iPhone, rather than an actual numbered iteration. We just don't know what Apple's planning -- there was no 5, or 4, or 4GS included in the official announcement at all. But it's clear the public is more interested in a brand new phone rather than a faster version of what we've already got.

And finally, the most troubling numbers here are for the iPhone's competitors: 52% of current Blackberry users and 27% of Android users are planning to jump to an iPhone 5, and even if it's a 4GS, 28% of Blackberry users still plan to switch over. Apple's certainly got users drooling for a new iPhone -- we'll have to see what they unveil next week.

[via 9to5Mac]

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