New Guild Wars Winds of Change content has arrived

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New Guild Wars Winds of Change content has arrived
Miku will mess you up
Guild Wars fans, have you finished the first 17 quests in Winds of Change? We hope so, because the next round has arrived! The conflict between the Ministry of Purity and the gangs of Kaineng continues with what is being called Guild Wars' largest content expansion to date! The focus moves from eliminating the Afflicted to watching the Ministry rise in power as its motives become more unclear.

Part two of Winds of Change will bring 11 new quests, five new respawn zones, and quite a few extra scenes hidden here and there. Players will also encounter a familiar face -- Miku the Assassin from War in Kryta has returned.

We're anxious to check out this new content here at Massively, and we've got a surprise Livestream so we can bring you along for the ride. Head to our Livestream channel at 6:00 p.m. EDT today for a first live look at Winds of Change. Even better, some of the ArenaNet team will be joining us in chat to talk over the new content and answer your questions: Lead Designer John Stumme, Programmer Joe Kimmes, Game Designer Andrew Patrick, and QA master John Foreman.

Check out the gallery below for some brand-new screenshots, join us at 6:00 EDT for a livestream of some of the new content, and enjoy Winds of Change!%Gallery-135220%
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