NES-cartridge art from 72 Pins makes retro games new, new games retro

72 Pins has recreated modern classics by designing custom NES cartridges to feature hit games of the post-8-bit world, as seen above. These time-warped squares of nostalgia are awesome art installments -- not actual remade games -- although the cart's original game is intact. Think of it as buying a piece of art and getting a used game thrown in for free.

Available redesigned cartridges include God of War, Dead Space, Halo, BioShock, Shadow of the Colossus and others, with Super Meat Boy, Castle Crashers and PaRappa the Rapper coming soon. All cartridges run $20, but follow 72 Pins on Twitter for some sweet deals, such as today's, which is a code for 50 percent off an Okami cartridge.

Suggested uses for NES-cartridge art include wallpapering, bookshelf-filling, 3D-sculpture building, framing and wall-hanging, or sprawling carelessly across your table at the local coffee shop to complete that old-school hipster vibe your thick-rimmed glasses, plaid button-up and copy of the Communist Manifesto have been trying to attain for months.