Leaderboard: Subscriptions vs. free-to-play


For our very first Leaderboard, it was imperative that we pick one of the great white sharks of MMO debates. Cosmetic top hats vs. berets wouldn't cut it, oh no -- we needed a topic that players far and wide can never seem to settle. We needed a battle of the business models: subscriptions vs. free-to-play.

Subscriptions have the advantage of simplicity (pay-and-forget), of keeping games from being "nickel-and-dimed to death," of being fairly affordable compared to other forms of entertainment, and of being easily understood by most consumers. Free-to-play removes the barrier for initial access but seeks to mine players' wallets through microtransactions by either presenting tempting purchases or making progress difficult in the game after a point. Long-term history seems to favor subscriptions, but recent developments have definitely shifted the market in favor of F2P models.

It's the aging stud against the unconventional upstart in today's Leaderboard! Which will be triumphant? Hit the jump and cast your vote!


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