NPD says kids are buying more digital media than ever

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If you're the parent of a child between the age of two and 14, you probably already know this; kids are spending more money on digital media than ever before. This unsurprising conclusion comes from market-research company NPD Group, which says that 21 cents out of every dollar kids spend on entertaining themselves goes to content that is in a "digital format."

NPD's conclusions come from a survey of more than 3,400 parents who are often asked by their kids to buy a song or game, since most kids in that age group don't have credit cards -- or at least this blogger hopes they don't have credit cards! Gift cards do make it possible for parents to give the kids some control over their own purchasing habits.

So what are the kids buying? You guessed it, one-third of them reported that music is the first type of digital content they purchase, followed closely by computer games and mobile games.

NPD notes that the 21-cent figure is up from two years ago. In 2009, only about 14 cents out of every entertainment dollar spent by kids went to digital media. If this trend continues, Apple and Amazon will have a very bright future indeed.

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