Fans unearth new Forsaken World patch details

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|10.05.11

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Fans unearth new Forsaken World patch details
Forsaken World - skimpy armor girl
If you're a Forsaken World fan, you might be interested to know that Perfect World Entertainment has announced plans for the game's next content update. According to MMO Crunch, it's unclear whether the Storms of War patch is a full-blown expansion or a smaller-scale update. Either way, there's new stuff coming.

Some enterprising Forsaken World forum-dwellers have pieced together what they believe to be a feature list for the new content drop, but since Perfect World's Asian-market releases are normally months ahead of the American and European clients, none of the info has been confirmed.

Highlights of the feature list include memory fruit XP buffs, town teleport abilities, tweaks to dungeon difficulty and arena PvP systems, and a lot more.
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