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Massively Exclusive: WindSlayer 2 dev diary looks at melee classes

Massively Exclusive: WindSlayer 2 dev diary looks at melee classes
Matt Daniel
Matt Daniel|@MVMatt|October 14, 2011 4:30 PM
WindSlayer 2 -- Monk
Last week, Ignited Games announced the upcoming 2-D side-scroller WindSlayer 2. This week, the title is back for more with a new developer diary that looks at the game's melee classes. Those who prefer to go wading into battle on the front lines will have three choices: the valiant Warrior, the dexterous Rogue, or the enlightened Monk.

For the full details on each of these classes, head on past the cut for the full dev diary. And once you're done, don't forget to head on over to the game's official site (linked below) to register for a shot at a spot in the closed beta test.

Greetings WindSlayer 2 Fans!

This is Tommy Luo, the lead producer of WindSlayer 2, bringing you another entry into the developer's diary. As we get closer to release, we wanted to give you a peek at our Melee classes; Warrior, Rogue and Monk.

Champions of Close Combat!

If you enjoy diving head first into hoards of enemies, dealing impressive damage while being able to take quite a bit as well, then a melee class is perfect for you. Specializing in close-range combat, these classes require the player to make decisions on the fly, whether it is inflicting precise and lethal damage or protecting their self or party. Each melee class is unique in its mechanics, so how the player chooses to react in battle will decide which class they wish to pursue.

Way of the Warrior

Warriors are possibly the toughest and most durable melee class. They are able to withstand and inflict an incredible amount of damage using the highest quality armor and weapons in Beuritania. This allows them to draw enemies' attention away from the weaker party members. Later in their careers, Warriors can develop advanced combat techniques choosing to either focus on annihilating enemies as a Berserker, or strengthen their resolve to endure vicious battles as a Paladin. Regardless of choice, Warriors are a force to be reckoned with and instill fear onto their adversaries.

The Renegade Rogue

On the opposite end of standing stalwart in the face of enemies as a Warrior, Rogues prefer to dispatch their foes from the shadows. With their ability to stealth, Rogues launch surprise attacks and are able to deliver astonishing amounts of damage quickly. If leaving scores of decimated enemies in your wake piques your interest, training to become an Assassin is the logical next step; but if subjugation and torment is your desire, then a Trapper can bring you quite a bit of satisfaction. It is the delight in pain and gold bounties that drives a Rogue's passion.

The Masterful Monk

Embodying the truest form of melee combat, Monks rely on their fists and steel-like physique, which have been hardened by constant training and meditation. Based on quick and powerful martial arts skills, Monks have honed their entire being into a deadly fighting machine by disciplining their bodies and minds. Some Monks are known to be reclusive, preferring not to fight unless provoked or dishonored. These Monks, known as Counters, emphasize the mental approach of training, observing an enemy's weakness and using it against them. Another sect of Monks, distinguished as Fighters, prefer to travel the world and test their skills in tournaments and duels to achieve their true potential.

Whom Will You Choose?

As you can see, there are a number of ways to jump into the fray and combat enemies face to face in WindSlayer 2. How you choose to tackle combat is up to you, but I hope this entry helps to make up your mind. There are plenty of abilities and combos that each class can unlock to maximize their damage potential and impress their comrades.

Be sure to read next week's installment regarding WindSlayer 2's Ranged classes: the Priest, Mage and Archer. If you haven't already, make sure to visit the WindSlayer 2 website to sign up for closed beta, become a Facebook fan to discuss everything WindSlayer 2 with your friends and get our latest tweets on Twitter as well.
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