Ship spinning returns to EVE Online

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|10.14.11

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Ship spinning returns to EVE Online
EVE Online - Caldari ship
Everyone knows that internet spaceships are serious business. Relatively few, however, recognize the grave importance of EVE Online's late great ship spinning mechanic.

Happily for the hardcore, those few include CCP developers, and as we mentioned a few weeks ago, one of New Eden's favorite pastimes is coming back from the dead. A new CCP dev blog spills the beans on the release date, and EVE vets will probably be thrilled to hear that ship-spinning is coming to the Singularity test shard today. The feature is tentatively scheduled to return to the Tranquility live server on October 18th during an extended downtime beginning at 11:00 UTC.

CCP has also added the old hangar interface functionality back into the EVE client, and users with sub-optimal Incarna computer specs (or those who simply hate walking in stations) can opt to turn off the game's captain's quarters and party like it's 2010.

A weekend discount on PLEX has also been announced.
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