Pitchblack shows off Prime beta footage in latest dev chat

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|10.17.11

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Prime Battle for Dominus - beta footage
If you missed the latest Prime: Battle for Dominus dev chat this past Friday, fear not! Massively has you covered via the video embed after the cut, and it's chock full of juicy sci-fi pseudo-sandbox goodness (as well as a bit of gameplay footage). The whole presentation runs just upwards of 50 minutes, and the in-game footage features video captures from the current beta build.

Ranged and melee combat is evident, as are several different environments. The devs call attention to the game's three-faction PvP elements, and though the brief clips show relatively small groups of combatants, that will eventually change in favor of large-scale engagements.

Pitchblack also says that it's getting ready to release a few official combat videos, so stay tuned to Massively for the latest and greatest Prime: BFD news and views.

[Thanks to Bartillo for the tip!]

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