T-Mobile adds new daily and monthly plans for true commitment phobes

If you're of the ilk who vehemently hates contracts, yet adores T-Mobile, read on. Alongside its existing pay-as-you go plans, Little Magenta has introduced a new $60 choice, offering unlimited minutes, texting and data -- though the latter is throttled after consuming 2GB. If a month of commitment is too rich for your blood, how about about one of three new "pay by the day" plans? The priciest option's three bucks for all the minutes and texts you could ever want and 200MB of data at full speed. A dollar less still gets you unlimited talk time and texts, but slows that all you can eat data buffet down to 2G speeds. True cheapskates (or those who only communicate via the written word) will love the dollar daily plan, which grants boundless texting, but dispenses the data altogether and runs ten cents per minute for phone calls. If any of that's up your alley, head on over to the source for more.