Hisense Series XT710 TV helps you exercise your La-Z-Boy sans remote

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Hisense Series XT710 TV helps you exercise your La-Z-Boy sans remote
You might feel like the king of the couch, but let's face it -- picking up the remote can be exhausting. Hisense is hoping to lighten your load with the launch of its new Android-based Smart TV with hands-free eyeSight gesture recognition technology -- the Series XT710. Slated to launch in China, the TV features a 2D sensor, designed to understand your hand movements and interpret your every channel changing whim. Besides flipping between reruns of Law and Order and Jersey Shore, couch potatoes will also be able to play games and access Android applications through the intelligent tube. Now, if it could only help us pop our popcorn. Jump past the break to check out the full PR.
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Hisense and eyeSight to Offer First Android Smart TV with Integrated Gesture Recognition Technology

The agreement will turn Hisense into the first leading global TV manufacturer to offer an Android-based Connected TV with integrated Touch Free technology.

Herzeliya, Israel and Qingdao, China, October 26, 2011 -- Hisense Group, a leading Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, signed a licensing agreement with eyeSight Mobile Technologies, a developer of touch free interfaces for digital devices, to integrate eyeSight's innovative Hand Gesture Recognition Technology into new models of Android based Smart TV sets.

The agreement will turn Hisense into the first leading connected TV manufacturer to offer a smart TV with gesture recognition technology. Hisense will integrate eyeSight's SDK into several new connected TV models revolutionizing user experience in the digital living room. The first model of Hisense Smart TV with this unique feature is Series XT710, which has been introduced to the consumer markets in China to mark the 1st October National holidays.

Users that will purchase this gesture enabled connected TV, will be able to control various functions and applications by using intuitive hand gestures. This will be done by using simple hand gestures in front of the device's 2D camera.

"The fact that an important global home appliance manufacturer such as Hisense chose to use our technology demonstrates eyeSight's leading position in the field of gesture recognition technology," said Gideon Shmuel, eyeSight's CEO. "The international market for connected TVs has immense potential. As it is forecasted that by 2015, almost half of all new flat panel TVs will have connected features, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve user experience."

The users of gesture enhanced connected TVs will enjoy a natural, new and intuitive way of interacting with their TV sets. They will be able to control basic TV functions, without having to move out of the comfortable viewing position to reach the remote control. Users will also be able to play games using intuitive gestures and touchlessly use other applications on the device.
eyeSight's software-based technology meets the growing market demand for new and enhanced user interaction with devices. eyeSight's solution offers touchless control for camera-enabled devices such as tablets, mobile phones, PCs, TVs, and Set top boxes.
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