Prius Online releases Stronghold of the North expansion

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|10.26.11

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Prius Online - character create screen
A couple of weeks ago we told you about Prius Online's new Stronghold of the North expansion. The content was slated to release sometime in October, and today we're finally able to report that it is in fact live and available for you to download.

Stronghold adds 500 quests, three new dungeons, two exotic mounts, and a new item upgrade system that "allows players to design their own gear with powerful stats and a unique appearance that suits their character," according to the latest gPotato press release.

That's not all, either, as the expansion brings new looted gear and a new city-based venue for guild siege warfare. Finally, gPotato is offering up a double XP weekend to celebrate all the new content. From October 28th through October 30th, players can look forward to XP bonuses, double drop rates, and welcome back bundles for returning players that include combat enhancers and premium item upgrades. Check out some of the new gear (and the two mounts) in our gallery below.

[Source: gPotato press release]
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