Warpia's StreamHD Value Edition does wireless USB to HDMI on the (kinda) cheap

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Warpia's StreamHD Value Edition does wireless USB to HDMI on the (kinda) cheap
Were you intrigued by Warpia's StreamHD, but turned off by its $170 price? Well maybe the new Value Edition (or VE to the cool kids) will make you crack open that piggy bank. At $130 we still wouldn't call the StreamHD VE an impulse purchase, but it's certainly not a budget buster. In the package is the same USB adapter, a wireless receiver and an A/V base with an HDMI out -- and the company still throws in an HDMI cable to boot. What do you lose to land that $40 discount? Well 5.1 surround sound for one. There's no S/PDIF out and only stereo audio is supported over HDMI. The A/V dock also cuts out the 3.5mm audio out jack, but chances are you weren't using it anyway. Check out the complete PR and one more pic after the break.
Warpia StreamHD Value Edition
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New Value Edition StreamHD from Warpia Brings Wireless PC-to-TV Content Streaming for Less

San Jose, CA. – Warpia, a premier technology brand dedicated to delivering intuitive connectivity solutions, announces the StreamHD Value Edition (StreamHD VE), a lower cost version of their popular StreamHD. The StreamHD VE with HD video and stereo audio enables users to stream any content from their notebook or PC wirelessly to an HDTV in 1080p full high definition. Content such as streaming video, pictures, movies, presentations, Facebook, Twitter and other applications can be shown on your HDTV in the room without the hassle and clutter of wires while you continue to use your laptop screen to surf the web, check email, and more. Two screens at once, Warpia now extends your world wirelessly for $129.99 SRP at www.warpia.com/products/streamhd-value-edition-swp110a

Streaming True 1080p Resolution

The StreamHD VE streams your video content in true 1080p (1920 x 1280) high definition. Connect the receiver base to your display via HDMI, and then attach the wireless USB adapter to your computer. The digital content on your PC or laptop will come to life on your HDTV, all wirelessly.

Extend Your Entertainment Space with HDMI

Whether wirelessly connected to an HDTV in the living room or a projector in a meeting room, Warpia allows users to easily and conveniently extend their PC workspace. The StreamHD VE provides users with a simple HDMI single-cable connection to their target display.

Enjoy content from your favorite video streaming sites at full resolution and turn the Internet experience into a home theater experience. You can stream content with ease to your HDTV from Hulu, Netflix, CinemaNow, YouTube, Amazon Video on Demand, and more.

The StreamHD VE has a 30-foot wireless range for streaming content between your computer and your display. Whether your computer is across the room or in the next room, as long as it's in the 30' line-of-sight, you can enjoy full 1080p playback of your digital video and audio.

Extend and Mirror Modes

The StreamHD VE allows unmatched flexibility for users. Displays can be set in mirror mode so that both screens show the same image. Users looking to multi-task can set displays in extend mode, which allows one image to stream wirelessly to your TV while maintaining full use of your laptop or PC screen.

About Warpia:

Warpia, a premier technology brand, is dedicated to delivering advanced connectivity solutions to the mainstream. Providing superior technical support and customer service, Warpia uses UWB technology to optimize your home office or home entertainment experience. For more information, please visit www.warpia.com.
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