Plex 2.0 for iOS ramps up video streaming; Plex 0.9.5 for Mac/Windows released as well

Mel Martin
M. Martin|11.01.11

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Mel Martin
November 1st, 2011
Plex 2.0 for iOS ramps up video streaming; Plex 0.9.5 for Mac/Windows released as well

[Updated to clarify version numbering. iOS Plex app is at 2.0, Mac app is at 0.9.5 or beta.]

Plex is an advanced Media Server that runs on your Mac and manages and distributes your audio and video to other computers, a connected TV and your iOS devices via the Plex iOS app. The Plex family of free apps has just upgraded the iOS and server clients with a streamlined GUI and new features like sharing between Plex users.

Other new features include user-scalable subtitles and significant speed improvements. A new cloud-based component lets Plex users access their home media from any PC or Mac without complicated logins or IP addresses. The service is free, but requires a sign up.

Plex fills a nice gap for Apple fans since the company nuked the Front Row player. Of course, Plex does a great deal more than Front Row ever hoped to do, and puts your media about anywhere you want to consume it.

The updated Plex server software is free and is downloadable from the Plex site. You can get much more info at the Plex blog. Plex is based on XBMC, an open source media player and hub, as is Boxee, another popular media solution.

The Plex server software runs on Mac OS X (Intel only), Windows and Linux. The iOS clients require iOS 4.1 or later.

[hat tip MacStories]

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